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About my work


is the approx. 2500 years ancient holistic system of health and healing in China - based on the notion of harmony and balance between the natural opposing forces of yin and yang.

TCM is a complete health care system with its own unique theories of anatomy, health and treatment. It emphasizes 

- dietetics

- acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion

- herbal medicine

- Tuina (massage & acupressure) 

- TaiQi & Qigong (the work with the qi) 

in order to focus on stimulating the body's natural curative powers.



Besides the "intuitive" treatments which are performed carefully chosen after a short consultation as a combination out of my "tool box"  you have the choice to select directly amongst:





Diagnosis by visual assessment, listening, smelling, questioning and palpation - including recommended follow-ups.

Moxibustion, Cupping, Acupoint-Taping  

Moxibustion is the slow burning of dried & presed mugwort over specific chosen acupuncture points in order to provide penetrating, relaxing heat. (contra-indicated with "inner-heat-symptoms")

Cupping is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin in order to achieve pain relieve thru stimulating circulation.

Acupoint tapes are applied on individually chosen acupuncture points to provide permanent stimulation/massage to activate & balance certain points/areas in the body.

Chinese Dietetics/Nutrition

After a TCM anamnesis you will receive an individual nutrition consultancy as well as a detailed nutrition plan to improve/release unwanted symptoms. (weight/hair loss, PMS syndrom, menopause & skin issues - just to name some)


Breathing, concentration and movement are aligned to harmonize the flow of qi in the body.

Daily practise is an ideal prevention method to stay flexible and healthy. Great results have been achieved with tinnitus, high blood pressure, general tension. neck pain, shoulder-arm-syndrom and rheumatic symtoms.


The chinese meridian- & acupressure point massage is performed since over 2500 years to achieve deep relaxation and pain relief. Disbalances are eleminated, circulation is activated, edemas are dissolved, tissue and skin are stretched.

The treatment can be very effective especially with headache, migrane, shoulder-arm-syndrom, (lower) back pain, rheumatic issues as well as with a general condition of tension.

Chinese Foot Reflexology 

This combination of "feet-reading"  & working style was handed-over to me in Hong Kong.

Reflex points on the feet correspond to every organ and gland in the body. Through application of pressure/special working techniques on these zones reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and assists to promote the natural function of the related areas in the body. A very intense treatment with remarkable results already after one session - recommended especially before/after every flight/long journey!  

For interested ones I offer courses/workshops (as well 1:1)!





is the art and science to activate, channel & dispose natural and universal life energy. As a gentle holistic healing method REIKI aims to improve the flow of energy while calming body and mind, boosting the immune system, increasing creativity and problem solving ability. Your intuition is strengthened which enables you to release unwanted habits or behaviours much faster.  

REIKI trainings (as well 1:1) are possible in all degrees!



Raindrop Technique ®  

The history and working performance of this very powerful and intense treatment goes back to the Lakota Native Indians. Only essential oils of 100% purity are used in order to get the greatest gift our nature has to offer while working on the spine-reflexzones on the feet as well as along & next to the spine itself with special strokes and ancient massage tequniques of the native indian tribes.

Main aims are detox, achieve deep relaxation and get back into a "straightened energetic posture in life". (contra-indicated with pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy & advanced osteoporosis)





Especially TODAY - in times of (too) fast change & technical development with many life situations it is essential to stay connected with our inner voice. An open heart, an awake mind as well as clear targets help us to stay on OUR path and not finding us trapped in others' life drama. This "soul path" leads us thru (often) painful self-awareness to a healing balance of self-love, self-respect and "healthy" egoism. Observe yourself from another perspective to decide what is still asisting you in your life and which habits/patterns just block you to LIVE a happy and self-determined life.



customized workshops & sessions  

For companies who have already integrated a well working health management sharing my vision of each individuals' ability to have everything - including health - in our own hands I offer employee-fitted TCM- & holistic healing workshops for smaller groups. Key topics could be stress management, burnout, fear, insomnia, high blood pressure, migrane - just to name some.

A well balanced diet, regular exercise and controlled emotions are the fundaments of a clear mind and healthy body.

On top I offer my sessions directly in the companies - working space has to be provided - minimum charge 6 hours/day - price structure upon agreement.

For more detailed information/proposals please do not hesitate to contact me.


Prices from 1st April 2019:

house-calls within Germany

Munich & surrounding areas: 

90 min.                       € 240.--

120 min.                     € 320.--

each additional hour    € 160.--

surcharge Raindrop Technique ®  € 30.-- Standard Oils / € 60.-- Feeling Oils / € 120.-- Ancient Script Oils


The prices are understood incl. VAT. and excl. transportation fee of € 80.-- up to 20km one-way from/to Munich-Obermenzing

Outside Munich:

Outside the 20km area from/to Munich-Obermenzing the transportation fee is subject to an in-advance-agreement.

- no health insurance statements - cash payment only

Outside Germany different treatment prices apply:  


exclusive bookings

60min.                                                  € 200.--

minimum-day-charge 3 hours - max. 5 hours/day


further all involved travelling & subsistence costs have to be compensated - for car journeys: € 1/km includes car cost, petrol and travel time compensation - any other road cost like highway fee have to be taken over separately


In order to guarantee a binding schedule confirmation for travels outside Germany the following charges are due for immediate in-advance-payment after the travel dates have been decided: 

all involved travelling cost (incl. accommdation) 

100% of the treatment costs at the minimum-day-charge





subject to change without prior notice


Soneva Fushi - Six Senses 2007
Soneva Fushi - Six Senses 2007.pdf (522.05KB)
Soneva Fushi - Six Senses 2007
Soneva Fushi - Six Senses 2007.pdf (522.05KB)



Soneva Fushi - Six Senses 2008-2011
Reference Letter-Sabine Kauker_1.pdf (340.6KB)
Soneva Fushi - Six Senses 2008-2011
Reference Letter-Sabine Kauker_1.pdf (340.6KB)


Amankora - Bhutan 2012
Amankora Bhutan 2012.pdf (32.29KB)
Amankora - Bhutan 2012
Amankora Bhutan 2012.pdf (32.29KB)




VOGUE 2011
VOGUE 2011.pdf (1.34MB)
VOGUE 2011
VOGUE 2011.pdf (1.34MB)