Sabine Kauker



Since 2020 the „non-visible & non- tangible“ has turned our all lifes up side down. The only constant is that no constant exists any more and due to that we are all thrown back to ourselves. 

Having questioned my own value system in detail lead to „less is more“ and so the updated homepage contains only the most necessary. You decide self-responsible if you consider me as holistic coach on your path of self-discovery and self-healing. There are available more tools than needed and my profile picture is clear enough to recognize me. 

References pamper the ego - however do not give reliable insights if someone is really capable for the individual job itself. I have travelled A LOT, was allowed to integrate priceless working tools from respectful teachers and masters all over and I am very grateful for my path and my life as such.


successfully completed studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tuina, Chi Nei Tsang, Dietetics, Qigong and Chinese foot reflexology 

- independent member of the International Association of Chinese Medicine Munich - SMS e.V. 


REIKI grand master & teacher, Shiatsu 


Shamanic work, Kahi Loa & Lomi Lomi Nui 


Children Psychology - LAUDIUS

Systemic Family Constellation Work - HP Christian Rudollf Krämer