Sabine Kauker



Since 2002 I practice holistic healing work and I am grateful having had the chance to learn the most techniques at their source of origin.

As a " nomade-soul" I am travelling a lot - planned destinations you will find as well at the end of  "my work".


My "tool box" contains holistic healing techniques from the countries 


successfully completed studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tuina, Dietetics, Qigong and Chinese foot reflexology 

independent member of the International Association of Chinese Medicine Munich - SMS e.V.



REIKI grand master & teacher, Shiatsu


Shamanic work, Kahi Loa & Lomi Lomi Nui

whereas my treatments are performed intuitively as every-"body" needs at each point of time something different to relax, to open blockades, to detox, to activate the own energy flow and self-healing process.

Besides "house-calls" during the past years all over the globe with international clientel I further supported the companies AMAN & SIX SENSES by doing resort guest sessions and training to their SPA therapists in REIKI and CHINESE FOOT REFLEXOLOGY in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Oman, Morocco and the Kingdom of Bhutan.

My work is all what I AM.